Vine to Wine

A single estate wine producer, Mondillo Vineyard 22 hectare (56 acres) property is set in the majestic and rugged rural landscape of Bendigo Station in Central Otago.

Vineyard site selection is key and Domenic was one of the first to recognize the potential of the Bendigo region as far back as 1998 and pinpointed the area as the perfect location to develop vineyards. 

Mondillo Vineyard is made up of three north-facing terraces planted in selected Pinot Noir, Riesling and Chardonnay clones, while the top terrace boasts one solitary row of some of the oldest Gewürztraminer vines in Central Otago, and an Olive grove! 

Mondillo has a dedicated, qualified, full time team who look after the vineyard and winery all year round, which ensures healthy vines that produce ripe, well-balanced fruit that lead to delicious wines.

Our harsh Bendigo climate offers long hot summers, cold winters and very low humidity throughout the year, which eliminates many pests and diseases allowing us the option for natural solutions and a healthy environment for all.  Mondillo grapes are nurtured throughout the year with our growing season starting with bud burst typically in early October; we meticulously shoot thin; hand leaf pluck (this opens up the canopy and allows the light in); flowering occurs around mid December; veraison (when the grape berries change colour) commences early to mid February; grape yields are reduced by hand; nets are placed over the entire vineyard to keep the birds out; followed by harvest in April where our grapes are picked by hand. 

From our vines to our wines, our goal is to produce pure, sustainably produced wines that are balanced, elegant with the fruit purity of the Bendigo terroir.